Global Transaction Banking

The Global Transaction Banking team works in conjunction with our Coverage teams to support our clients across a variety of industries, by providing trade and asset financing, risk mitigation, and working capital and cash management solutions. We help our clients to manage their day-to day transactions efficiently and to support growth by unlocking cash flow.

In North America, the Global Transaction Banking team specializes in the following products:

Trade Finance

  • Standby Letters of Credit: In the US, we provide Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) on behalf of our clients to support their day to day business activities, as well as international trade.
  • Borrowing Base Facilities: Borrowing Base facilities are specifically designed for the industry and used typically by Oil & Gas upstream/downstream clients, as well as commodity traders.

Working Capital & Supply Chain Finance Solutions

We offer the following working capital products designed to improve our client' cash conversion cycle and operational cash flow to optimize working capital

  • Payables Finance: allowing suppliers to obtain earlier payment of their invoices, giving them faster access to valuable working capital.       
  • Receivables Purchase: assisting corporate sellers to maximize their own sales and retrieve payment quickly.

Asset Finance

In North America, we provide asset based lending facilities.  An asset based lending solution can help turn capital tied up in stock, property or plant and machinery into cash.  It can be a cost-effective alternative to increasing the working capital of our clients’ business without slowing growth.

Cash Management & Payments (UK)

Our cash management operations serve as local support to all UK Cash Management & Payment solutions, with a focus on optimizing payables and receivables, managing liquidity and becoming the transactional bank of choice for UK corporates, and foreign companies with a strong UK presence.

Our UK Cash Management & Payment solutions include:

  • Current Accounts
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Client Money Channels
  • Foreign Exchange
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Online Services
  • Indirect Payment System Access

Our presence in North America also enables our clients to access our large Trade Finance and Cash Management platforms in the UK, where we have extensive experience and a leading market presence.

Contact our Global Transaction Banking Specialist

Sebastian Kafetz, Head of Global Transaction Banking, North America

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