Prudential Liquidity Management - Money Markets

Our Prudential Liquidity Management team manages the global funding and liquidity requirements in concert with our Treasury group. The team ensures that cash and collateral is channeled effectively throughout the business to service all obligations..

The team sets pricing on all of our short term liabilities products supporting our clients globally through our desks based in New York, London and Singapore. The team works hand in hand with our relationship managers and sales teams to provide our clients with short term cash management solutions.

The group also is responsible in managing all the interest rate risk associated with the global balance sheet as well as fulfilling all the jurisdictional regulatory requirements for each branch.

The Money Markets product suite includes:

  • Yankee CDs
  • European CDs and Commercial Paper
  • US Commercial Paper
  • Asset Backed Commercial Paper
  • Term Deposits

Our Money Markets team is a highly valued counterparty and competitive within the global wholesale markets. Our focused traders and sales team work seamlessly to provide timely and accurate execution for our clients.

Contact our Money Markets Specialist

John Boyle, Head of Prudential Liquidity Management

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