FX Sales & Trading

The FX team delivers Foreign Exchange execution and derivative solutions to Large Corporate clients and Financial Institutions. We offer our clients continuous pricing in a range of currencies and products, including 24-hour order management of FX Spot, Forwards and Options.

Our experienced team provides clients with unique and value-added insights including treasury best practices, US and international accounting standards, market liquidity and product capability.

In North America the team specializes in the following areas:

  • Spot, Forward, Option, and Structured FX hedging products for developed markets and liquid minor currencies
  • Cash-settled FX Forward and Option products in select Emerging Markets where currency restrictions make physical settlement difficult or inefficient
  • Bespoke FX risk analysis and hedging solutions for single currency, FX portfolio, or multi-asset exposures
  • Customized and discrete hedging alternatives for large-scale or other sensitive situations from special events such as acquisition, asset disposal or refinancing

Lloyds Bank continually adapts and expands its product and currency suite in response to client demand and market development.

Contact our FX Specialist

Mark Costello, Senior Vice President, FX Sales
Robert Philbin, Senior Vice President, FX Trading

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