Karim Dandashy


Karim graduated from NYU Stern School of Business with a double-major in Finance and Economics in 2013. He always knew he wanted a career in banking, but upon graduating was still trying to narrow down his area of focus.  

Why Karim chose the Analyst Program

Given Lloyds Bank’s growing US presence, Karim felt the Analyst Program in North America offered an opportunity unlike many other entry-level programs. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, with uncertain market conditions, Karim was attracted to the long and resilient history of Lloyds Bank and the strong relationships the organization has developed with key financial bodies in the US. He found the friendly and driven culture appealing and the structure of the program meant he could gain a broad insight into the breadth of operations in North America.


Throughout the program, Karim had the opportunity to rotate through various teams before he ultimately sought to pursue a full time position in Financial Markets. In January 2015, Karim joined the Credit Sales & Trading team as a Senior Analyst. Thanks to the Analyst Program, he had already been exposed to the team and was confident with his choice to join and continue his career at Lloyds Bank.

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